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Join our fast growing community of periodic rotational contributions within a cell. Ajo, Adashe, Esusu right at your fingertips with the comfort of your mobile phone.

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Who we are.

eAjor is Nigeria's first fully-digitalized co-operative bringing people across the world to collectively meet financial goals via periodic rotational contributions.

Public Cell

Create/Join a Public Cell of financially disciplined individuals to solve the financial needs of one another by contributing and taking turns to collect the lump sum.


Private Cell

Create/Join a Private Cell where you not only get to contribute with friends and family but also get to choose your position in the cell.

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Short-term or Long-term?

Convenient contribution periods of weekly or monthly cells are options available to you to fit your financial drive.


Easy Deposit and Withdrawal

With different payment options to fund your wallet, you can deposit convenient amounts to fit your financial plan at no extra cost.

Funds Lock

Lock funds available in your wallet for a fixed period of time. Funds will be unavailable until set date for funds to be unlocked.


Safety and Security

At eAjor, we take security seriously so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure, even exceeding industry standard.

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